New Changes to Legacy Sisters™ Demo!

Legacy Sisters™ Demo has been updated as a work in progress over the last demo version!

New to this demo are:

-A jump in resolution from 320X240 to 640X480

-Newly designed textbox and logo

-Different, more nostalgic font

-All music re-encoded

-Sound effects have been added

-Screen shakes and flashes have been added to show the action

-Character test sprites have been added, and with movement

Lots more to come, including much newer builds using the modern SDK so please keep an eye out!

Thank you for your time!

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66 days ago
LegacySistersV113-1.13-release.apk 125 MB
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66 days ago

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Oh, I remember that! Loved it a lot <3


I'm glad you remember, thank you! Working toward making it even better! :)