A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

A newer version of Legacy Sisters™ remade with some enhancements.

This version is in development and is incomplete. Still, the full story is here.

The full version 1.0 made in RPG Maker is here:  https://aamp.itch.io/legacy-sisters

A visual novel like story where technology advanced so quickly that nearly everybody has a personal pet robot - but when a robot rumoured to exist in the eighties surfaces resembling a human in every way possible, things get energetic!

-Contains coarse language and scenes with violence.

-Couple to a few hour read through with an ending.

-Save anywhere.

-Version 1.1 DEMO.

Install instructions

PC:  Unzip/extract and run executable.  Android:  Install apk.


LegacySistersV113IN-DEVELOPMENT-1.13IN-DEVELOPMENT-pc.zip 127 MB
LegacySistersV113-1.13-release.apk 125 MB
LegacySistersV113IN-DEVELOPMENT-1.13IN-DEVELOPMENT-mac.zip 110 MB

Development log

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